C-Aparthotel Zon en Zee


Westende is a place of tranquillity with unspoilt nature and dunes, beautiful sandy beaches and a lively North Sea. The Strandhotel is centrally located, ideal for exploring and enjoying all the wonders of the coast and polders.

Nieuwpoort and Ostend are only a stone’s throw away and perfect for enjoying a spot of culture or a shopping spree. Bruges or Ypres are less than half an hour’s drive away. For families with children, Plopsaland is only a 20-minute drive away.


Westfront is a brand new interactive centre in Nieuwpoort with as main theme the flooding of the IJzer plains during WW1. The nearby sluice complex, the Ganzenpoot, played a crucial role during the First World War. The visitor centre starts with the invasion of the German troops in August 1914 and ends with the reconstruction of the coastal town of Nieuwpoort. 

Watersports centre De Kwinte

VVW Westende has 2 club houses: club ‘De Kwinte’ on the Sint-Laureins beach in Westende and club ‘Koko Loco’ at the water reservoir in Nieuwpoort. VVW Westende is hereby able to offer a wide range of sports and camping facilities in a unique location with specific equipment for each activity. With the arrival of the new ‘De Kwinte’ in Westende, the club has become much more than just a surfing club and is now a comprehensive watersports centre! In its comfortable setting with a magnificent view over the sports beach, it is the new place to be on the coast for sports, fun and partying.

Cycling & walking

The many cycling and footpaths along the coastal routes offer you a varied and changing view over the beautiful polder areas, the peaceful country lanes and the characteristic and charming villages. Bike rental Joli Sport is adjacent to the hotel. You can store your own bike in our secure bike storage facility.

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Coastal Histories

The museum ‘Kusthistories’ is highly recommended. You step into the history of coastal tourism along the Belgian coast. Today, holiday longside the coast is very common. it used to be different. Old swimwear, souvenirs, an old tram, ‘butt carts’, unique films, beautiful decors, and much more.

Themaweekends in Middelkerke

Each year, Middelkerke organizes multiple theme weekends: Fishweekend, beer weekend, Agricultural weekends, autumn weekend & Champagne weekend.

These weekends are always a great success and are full of fun activities.

Domain Raversijde & Atlantikwall

In the dunes of the former estate of Prince Karel, a unique historical site of modern fortification has been preserved: sixty constructions dating from both World Wars, interconnected by two kilometres of trenches and galleries. This remarkable site has been extremely well preserved, as prince Karel systematically prevented every demolition attempt. 

Villa Les Zephirs

In villa Les Zéphyrs, you discover how a rich family spent their holidays at the seaside around 1930. The history of the residence goes way back to 1922. The building has been refurbished according to the detailed description of its first inhabitants.  Thanks to a lot of objects, photos, portrayed scenes and modern multimedia applications, a unique historical story has been brought back to life. You discover a world full of surprises, change and a lot of fun facts. In short, you are plunged in an atmosphere of long gone times.

The IJzermonding nature reserve

The river IJzer flows into the sea in Nieuwpoort. Where salt and fresh water meet, a special biotope is created across mud flats, salt marshes, dunes and polders. Thanks to an extensive network of cycle and footpaths, starting from Westende, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the IJzer estuary. Useful information points along the way tell you all about this wonderful nature reserve. On certain days of the week, you can take a ferry across to Nieuwpoort Bad. 

Plopsaland, Mayaland & Plopsaqua

An unforgettable destination on the coast for young and old, with spectacular attractions and shows. The Studio 100 characters eagerly wait to welcome you for a day of fun that is guaranteed!